Working together to Eradicate Cyber Risk

We focus on reducing cyber risk by developing and deploying practical, real-world solutions that measurably improve
our collective Cyber security. And make them available to any person, any organization, anywhere.

You may be at risk.

58% of malware attack victims are SMEs- Cyber threats are no longer about if you will be affected but when you will be. These threats cannot only cause financial and reputational damage to your business but could possibly trigger regulatory fines. Cyber criminals can trick users by creating websites, emails, domains, etc. that appear to be legitimate.

Protect your users and data from accessing known malicious websites

Right now, your business could be breached and you may not be aware. Protect your data, systems and networks from cyberattack with us in the easy to configure, reliable and affordable way that keeps as much functionality as possible while eliminating potential vulnerabilities.

We are the first entity in Africa to be part of the Global Cyber Alliance, funded by the US and UK governments.