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Let’s make your journey to cloud worth your while.

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₦78,000 / Year

  •  40GB Cloud Storage
  •  5 Users
  •  Group Rights Data
  •  Auto Sync

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Business Pro

₦120,000 / Year

  •  60GB Cloud Storage
  •  10 Users
  •  Group Rights Data
  •  Auto Sync

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₦240,000 / Year

  •  100GB Cloud Storage
  •  25 Users
  •  Group Rights Data
  •  Auto Sync

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“Using Cloudspur storage services has been a breeze! Set up is so easy to understand and I can access my files even when I travel.”

Angela Mako – RedView Ltd

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Access files from any device

Use your computer, tablet or mobile phones to continue what you started, whether you happen to be on the road or in the office. Any changes you make will be updated on all of your devices

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Share and Collaborate

Share files, folders and photos with colleagues. No more large email attachments or USB drives – just send a link via email, text or iMessage.

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Keep your file secured

The connection to your cloud account with CloudSpur is encrypted with SSL, so no one can read data from your device to the cloud. Your data is subject to maximum privacy.

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CloudSpur File Storage allows teams to synchronize and share files via a very secure connection. Whether you’re in the office or on the road, you can create and share password protected links, track and get notifications on your smart device when a colleague shares files or pictures directly with you and much more.

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